It’s been a couple months since I was “let go”. During the time in the half-way house, I got a lot done toward getting back into real life.

I’m staying in a condo with my daughter until I can buy her a house, and then I’ll be getting on with my own future.

I’m getting my real estate career back online, and have renewed my auctioneer’s license.

After over 35 years going through life with Bernie, it’s really strange to be here by myself.

Funny…When Bernie and I retired and bought the hotel in
Costa Rica, we swore we’d never spend another summer in Fresno!

But here I am!  As they say south of the border: “es lo que es…estamos solamente viajando los caminos de la vida”…

What’s next for me?

Business first: Without money in today’s world you’re screwed!

Real estate, auctions, internet business…mucho trabajo!

Then I’ll buy a house, a motor home, and another sailboat

The time is coming for a new girlfriend. What a trip…I never thought in a million years that I would ever let someone else into my life. My “Hawaiian Princess” was all I ever wanted or needed.

But there’s a lot of life left out there…a lot of fun, excitement, and love.

I guess it’s my time to go get it, and I certainly don’t want to do it alone…!


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